About Us


We, as a brand, embrace all challenges that every single person faces in their lives. One of those challenges is how we feel and look as an individual.
We have a firm understanding that every woman is unique, from every curve to the struggles she faces everyday. And for that, it is our goal to provide comfort, style, and support. We are dedicated to making women embrace themselves by empowering their strength, beauty and potential.
We believe every women should embrace who they are, from their curves, their imperfections, to their challenges faced on a daily basis. We take those values and implement a design suitable for every women in every situation. We encourage self aware-ness, and help women to come to terms with wanting to improve themselves and love them for the journeys they've accomplished. It is our job to provide a product where every women can truly embrace her colors.
ANANAS fashionable active wear design in Bali, Indonesia was and is created for YOU! We see all of our customers as fearless, unique, strong, and beautiful people. As our first priority, we ensure YOUR satisfaction by providing the best product for every type of women. We are confident that we tailor a product specially for you.